The Oral Problems Caused by Tooth Loss

Losing a tooth affects more than just your appearance; it can complicate your life and even increase your risk of oral health issues. Fortunately, your dentist, Dr. Allen Momongan of The Dental Practice of Lincoln Park in Lincoln Park, IL, can help you avoid these unpleasant consequences by restoring your teeth with dental implants.

5 Oral Healthcare Problems Tooth Loss May Cause

After losing one or more teeth, you might be more likely to experience:

  • Shifting Teeth: Your lost tooth helped support the teeth on either side. Once a tooth is lost, nearby teeth begin to shift and overlap, completely changing the appearance of your smile.
  • Bite Problems: Drifting teeth can change your bite. If your upper and lower teeth no longer fit together properly, you may experience lacerations when you chew, excessive wear on your tooth enamel, and increased stress on your jawbone. Your risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) may rise as a result of increased tension in your jaw.
  • Cavities: It is not easy to remove plaque from overlapping areas of your teeth. Unfortunately, if you can't remove the sticky bacterial substance, you're more likely to develop tooth decay.
  • Gum Disease: When you can't remove plaque on the overlapping portions of your teeth, the substance soon turns into tartar. Hard tartar can only be removed with dental hygiene tools and can be a factor in gum disease.
  • Jaw Resorption: Your tooth roots constantly press on your jawbone, providing the stimulation that keeps the bone strong. Decreased stimulation due to tooth loss can cause jawbone resorption, a condition that occurs when the bone shrinks. Resorption can cause other teeth to loosen or contribute to facial sagging.

How You Can Replace Missing Teeth

Dental implants offer the latest way to replace missing teeth. These small titanium posts are implanted in your jawbone to serve as artificial roots. Once they bond to your jawbone, they are attached to dental crowns that restore the visible parts of your teeth.

Implants prevent teeth from shifting and help you avoid jawbone resorption. They also offer excellent biting power and comfort. In fact, many people report that dental implants feel just like natural teeth.

Struggling With Tooth Loss? 

Don't let tooth loss affect your oral health! Call your dentist, Dr. Momongan of The Dental Practice of Lincoln Park, at (773) 935-9818 to schedule your appointment.

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