• The Biggest Myth Surrounding Root Canals
    Need to get a root canal? Worried that it will hurt? Reading this might put your mind at ease! You may think of a root canal and immediately say “Ouch!” But Read more
  • Common Causes for Jaw Pain
    Determining the cause of your jaw pain isn't always a simple matter. Your Lincoln Park, IL dentists at The Dental Practice of Lincoln Park share some cause reasons your jaw Read more
  • Causes Of Root Canal Problems
    Here’s what you should know about potential root canal complications. Getting a root canal from one of our Lincoln Park dentists? As with any dental procedure, there are always benefits and Read more
  • Why You Should Consider Dental Implants
    The benefits of dental implants If you have lost one or several teeth, you’re probably wondering how to replace them. If you have broken and damaged teeth beyond repair, wouldn’t you Read more
  • What Is Dental Bonding?
    Many patients who come to The Dental Practice of Lincoln Park have minor dental issues that can be resolved with a treatment called dental bonding. Find out from a qualified Read more
  • Am I a Candidate For Specialty Dentures?
    The purpose of getting specialty dentures from the Lincoln Park, IL dentists at The Dental Practice of Lincoln Park is to provide you with the replacement teeth that you need Read more
  • What is a dental crown?
    If you have ever had to get a root canal, you are probably familiar with dental crowns, the cap-like cover placed over a tooth to aid in stability and strength. Read more
  • Lamar Odom Rebounds From Dental Anxiety
    Professional basketball player Lamar Odom is sometimes known as “the candyman” because of his notorious fondness for sweets. But when his sweet tooth finally caught up with him — in Read more
  • Veneers Give You a New Smile Overnight
    Are you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling like your yellowed or chipped teeth are all that you see? Do you wish you could snap your fingers and Read more
  • What Are Dental Implants Made Of?
    If you are considering visiting The Dental Practice of Lincoln Park for dental implants, you are making an excellent choice. Not only are dental implants strong and reliable, but they Read more
  • What is a Root Canal Procedure?
    Root canals have come a long way from the tedious, unpleasant experiences they were known to be.  The American Association of Endodontists (dentists who specialize in the interior regions of the Read more
  • Dry Mouth - Causes, Risks and Cures
    A consistently dry mouth is not only uncomfortable and unpleasant but also probably more serious than you think. Dry mouth, medically known as xerostomia (“xero” – dry; “stomia” – mouth) Read more
  • Actress Florence Henderson: You Are Never Too Old To Straighten Your Teeth
    Florence Henderson has inspired generations of people through her portrayal of America's most beloved TV mother, Carol Brady, on one of the longest running situational comedies, The Brady Brunch. Today Read more
  • Repairing Chipped Teeth
    Your son just crashed his skateboard and cracked a tooth, or maybe your daughter fell off the monkey bars at school and now has a chipped front tooth. For children, Read more
  • The Effects of Missing Teeth
    If you are one of the millions of Americans with missing teeth, then you're probably aware of some of the obvious side effects. You may feel self-conscious during conversations or Read more
  • TV's Nate Berkus Discusses Dental Sealants, Fluoride Treatments and Flossing
    Nate Berkus, author, interior designer and host of his own television program, The Nate Berkus Show, is a consummate professional who has always focused on “helping others love the way Read more

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